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This is a highly diverse area in the San Fernando Valley.  The area that today is referred as Canoga Park was originally occupied by Native Americans, later on this land was converted into wheat farms.

Canoga Park became part of Los Angeles in 1917, this marked the beginning of the San Fernando Valley’s transformation from farmlands into suburbs.

This city became popular in 1955 when Rocketdyne opened and offered multiple opportunities for employment.  This company designed and produced rocket engines using liquid propellants.

Atomics International also had its headquarters in Canoga Park, this company began in 1955 and was involved in the early development of nuclear technology and nuclear reactors for commercial and government use.  Most of Atomics International facilities had been demolished, cleaned and reused or they continue to wait for final cleanup.

The West side of Canoga Park was renamed West Hills in 1987 and also part of the East area became Winnetka.

Places to Visit in Canoga Park

Canoga-Owensmouth Museum

The Canoga-Owensmouth Historical Society and Museum was formed in 1988 with the purpose of preserving and identify historic objects and landmarks within Owensmouth.

Memberships are available and also the museum is open free to the public the second and fourth Sundays of each month from 2:00 to 4:00 PM.

Westfield Topanga

Topanga Plaza also known as Westfield Shoppingtown Topanga opened in 1964 and it was the first enclosed shopping mall in California.  This mall had a $330 million USD renovation which was completed in 2008, it has hundreds of branded stores including Neiman Marcus, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and many others.  It also includes a two story carousel, a large food court and three parking garages.

Westfield revealed its plans to link the mall to other malls including the Westfield Promenade which are near the location of Topanga Plaza, the realization of these expansion plans will lead to Topanga Plaza to become the largest mall in California.

Madrid Theater

It is located in the historic antique row in Downtown Canoga Park.  The theater has a full calendar of visual arts and it has a seating of 430 people.

Lanark Recreation Center

This park in Canoga park offers locals and visitors a baseball diamond, lighted indoor and outdoor basketball courts, indoor gym, children’s play area, lighted football field, lighted soccer field, lighted tennis courts and volleyball courts.  It also offers picnic tables, an auditorium and outdoor seasonal swimming pool.

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