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Filing for bankruptcy can be one of the most difficult decisions a person can make. Beginning to think about filing a bankruptcy usually comes after months of collection letters and abusive phone calls from debt collectors or, even more problematic, after receiving a notice of foreclosure or wage garnishment.

Regardless of the circumstances coming to the decision to file is a difficult one. The decision to file or not should not be undertaken without consulting with an experienced professional like a Bankruptcy Attorney Los Angeles .

Are Bankruptcy Attorneys Even Necessary? A Paralegal Said They Would Prepare My Paperwork For $200. Isn’t That Good Enough?

I have seen and been called upon to fix enough errors of “petition preparers” or “paralegals” to know that there is no excuse to use a non-attorney to help you file bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can give you advice. While that may seem obvious, it is something that non-attorney petition-preparers/paralegals are not allowed to do.

They can only prepare the petition with information you provide. They cannot tell you which chapter to file, how to best protect your assets, or even assess your chances of receiving a discharge.

Meanwhile, non-lawyers haven’t been to law school, haven’t passed the bar exam, they don’t know bankruptcy law, and they cannot appear with you at the Meeting of Creditors or other hearings. They are a bad investment. Do not risk your economic future because you might save a couple of bucks.

I’ve Seen Attorneys Advertising a $599 or $699 Bankruptcy. Why Are Your Fees Higher Than Theirs?

I do charge more than $599 to help a person file their bankruptcy. I charge more because my time is worth more. I have successfully helped hundreds of people get their discharge (elimination of debts) in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. My rates are reasonable and are competitive within Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys.

I would warn you to be weary of anyone offering services at rates that are too good to be true.  A lot of these firms offering low-cost bankruptcies will not represent you at the required Meeting of Creditors or they will have fees that are not properly disclosed at the beginning of the attorney-client relationship.

Are Payment Plans Available? What About Meeting During the Weekends?

I understand that a person considering bankruptcy doesn’t have piles of money lying around. That’s why I have flexible payment plans individually designed to meet your budget. However, please note that your case will be filed only after all fees have been paid.

Weekend appointments are available as well as housecalls. Housecalls are only available after all attorney fees have been paid to locations within a fifteen mile radius of my Burbank office. With our offices located there we offer services as Burbank Bankruptcy Lawyers but with its size the majority of our clients come from Los Angeles.

Want to file for Bankruptcy?  Contact our Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers. We offer you the best service and advice for your case.  From the moment you call our Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys you will talk with an experienced attorney instead of a secretary, paralegal or assistant which is the case in many other firms.

Our Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers are dedicated to help and guide our clients and always work on our clients best interests.
At our firm, our team of Attorneys are highly experienced in Bankruptcy.  In addition to offer you the best support and guidance for your case, you can also rest assure that we will always give you our honest advice in the event that Bankruptcy is not the best choice for you.

I am proud to service one of the largest cities in the United States as Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney. I have filed hundreds of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings for LA residents and helped them get from under crushing debt.
If you are located in or near Los Angeles and need an experienced bankruptcy lawyer contact me today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

More About Los Angeles CA

Located in Southern California, the city of Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States.  It is known by its initials L.A. and also its nickname  “The City of Angels”, the city’s inhabitants are known as Angelenos.

L.A. is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world and is characterized by its diversity.  Its economy strengths are International Trade, Entertainment Industry including television, motion pictures, video games and music.  Other important industries in the economy of L.A. are technology, tourism, sports and media.

A big portion of the residents of Los Angeles works in a creative industry, for this reason, the city of Los Angeles is often referred to the “Creative Capital of The World”  the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation says that “there are more artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, musicians and dancers living and working in Los Angeles than any other city at any other time in the history of civilization.”

The City of Angels has a vast number of landmarks, shops and places to enjoy.  Here are a few places you must see when visiting L.A.

The Hollywood Sign

One of the main landmarks of Los Angeles is the Hollywood Sign.  It is recognized around the world as a symbol of the city and its entertainment industry.  It was built at the end of 1923 for the purpose of real estate development and intended to last only a year and a half.

The sign has endured more than 90 years and still going strong.  It represents not only the city of Los Angeles entertainment industry, but also a lifestyle. A place where many people’s dreams come true.

You can get a great view of the sign from the plenty vantage points nearby. Try the intersection of Hollywood and Highland or the nearby Griffith Park Observatory.

The Kodak Theater

The Dolby Theater better known as the Kodak Theater is located on Hollywood Boulevard and North Highland Ave. The Kodak Theater is the first permanent home for the academy awards ceremony.

Griffith Observatory

This popular tourist attraction has a free admission following Griffith’s will.  It offers an incredible view of the entire Los Angeles basin as well as the Hollywood sign.

Some of the most popular exhibitions in the observatory includes “The Big Picture” and “The Foucault Pendulum.”

Rodeo Drive

It is located in Beverly Hills and it is a three block shopping district.  It calls itself “The Epicenter of Luxury Fashion”  this famous area has appeared in movies including “Pretty Woman” starring Julia Roberts.

Every Father’s day the annual Rodeo Drive Concours d’ Elegance displays some of the worlds most expensive cars.  It’s also very popular for all the beautiful displays during the holiday season.


This restaurant located in Downtown L.A. only one block from the Union Station, has been operating since 1908 and still very popular to locals and tourists.  Philippe’s is famous for its french dip sandwiches. Other old-fashioned foods are served, including freshly made soup, beef stew, chili, baked apples and more.

Philippe’s appeared in the T.V. show The Originals with Emeril Lagasse.

Other tourist attractions include Universal Studios, The Getty Museum, Sunset Strip, LACMA Museum and many others.

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